Follow-up Comment #3, bug #15499 (project freeciv):

still working on it. There are some strange things happening. I have compiled
2.2.0 and S2_2 with the patch and I'm trying to test the combination old
server - new client. I added only an additional output line printing
client.conn.capability to handle_chat_msg(). Somethere the server changed its
capabilities ... ?

Copied from the client message window:

Client capability string: +2.2b trade_illness
Server capability string: +2.2b 
Welcome to the Freeciv version 2.2.0+ Server running at mattsys port 9876.
Server capability string [handle_chat_msg]: +2.2b 
Server capability string [handle_chat_msg]: +2.2b 
(server prompt): 'save testgame'
Server capability string [handle_chat_msg]: +2.2b 
You are logged in as 'matthias' connected to no player.
Server capability string [handle_chat_msg]: +2.2b trade_illness
Established control over the server. You have command access level 'hack'.

I'm a little bit lost at the moment about this combination

* new server - new client

OK; overall illness is the sum of the parts

* new server - old client

kind of OK; overall illness shown in the city dialog is OK (value from the
server); illness shown in the popup is missing the illness due to trade as
value and in the sum

* old server - new client

See the problem explained above; due to the change of the capability string
the value within the packet is used as illness due to trade and the overall
illness value is doubled. In this combination the value _should_ be ignored.
Thus, within the city window and within the popup only the overall illness
values minus trade illness would be displayed.

> > old server - old client 

I know that this combination is not needed; but as reference it helps to show
the changes done to the code.

Attached my current patch for S2_2.

(file #8309)

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