Follow-up Comment #9, bug #15450 (project freeciv):

new generation of savename; from the patch

  Generate a default save file name and place it in the provided buffer.
  The name will be of the form
  '<prefix>-[T]-[Y][-R]' where:

    [T]      = 'T<>'
    [Y]      = 'Y<><suffix>'
    [R]      = '<reason>'
    [-R]     = '-<reason>'

    <prefix> = game.save_name
    <turn>   = (zero padded to 3 places)
    <year>   = 
    <suffix> = 'BC' or 'AD' for negative or positive year resp.
    <reason> = save reason if not normal save

  Returns the number of characters written, or the number of characters
  that would have been written if truncation occurs.

  NB: If you change the format definition, be sure to update the above
      function comment and the help text for the 'savename' setting.

depends on patch #1490

(file #8318)

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