Follow-up Comment #12, bug #15377 (project freeciv):

Turning these functions into ASCII only is the only sane thing, but it might
only be the first step.

I don't think we check ruler names or anything against character classes,
that would already today fail often!

Likewise, we don't add new bugs by this change, for example matching player
names with non-ASCII names already now requires exact case for the non-ascii
part. (For example /ai RÖDSKÄGGE  won't match player Rödskägge, but /ai
RöDSKäGGE will. This behavior is preserved with this change.)

About the patch: Why not document more exactly how we now define the
functions "more or less work with UTF-8" will leave people wondering. Here's
my contribution:

"These functions are wrappers for the libc character class functions, without
any locale-dependent behavior.

The character functions work as documented for ASCII. Bytes outside of the
ASCII set will not be reported to belong to any character class, and will
only be transformed to themselves.

This behavior is safe but not strictly correct forsingle-byte 8-bit- or UTF-8
encoded text; in UTF-8, any byte that is part of a multibyte sequence is


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