Follow-up Comment #2, patch #1710 (project freeciv):

This patch would only affect unit that have "Settlers" flag or "Cities" flag
but lack "NoVeteran" flag. There are no such units in the default ruleset,
because Workers, Engineers and Settlers have the "NoVeteran" flag.

This patch would help custom rulesets that remove the "NoVeteran" flag. The
patch allows the "Veteran_Build" effect (as from Barracks, Barracks II,
Barracks III or Sun Tzu's War Academy) to affect these units.

I encountered this problem during Longturn 17 <>.
This game used a 2.1 server, and a custom ruleset that removes the
"NoVeteran" flag from Workers and from Engineers. Workers became veteran
through combat ("veteran_raise_chance" in units.ruleset) or through work
("veteran_work_raise_chance"), but not through Barracks. I used a city with
Barracks to build a Workers. I got a green Workers, not a veteran Workers. If
Longturn 17 would use this patch, then I would get a veteran Workers.

Veteran levels have the same purpose for both military and non-military
units. So there is no reason to distinguish military veterans from civilian
veterans. The only purpose is that a veteran Workers is more difficult to
kill than a green Workers.

This is unless the custom ruleset provides a new benefit. Veteran levels in
Longturn 17 grant extra movement points ("veteran_move_bonus" in
units.ruleset), so a veteran Workers does work faster than a green Workers.
This benefit applies equally to military units: my hardened Catapult uses
these extra movement points to reach the enemy to kill.


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