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Follow-up Comment #11:

This ticket remained open pending a decision about whether to backport to
S2_1. Since no-one's said anything, I think I'm not going to; users may be
sticking with 2.1.x rather than moving to 2.2.x because they're happy with
the gameplay, whether or not it's what was originally intended, or to finish
existing games; this seems like a big gameplay change to drop into a series
that's late in its maintenance cycle.

So I've closed this without fixing on S2_1. I've rescued kriss' original
documentation improvements in patch #1854.

kriss: if you want to go ahead with the Wall->Def rename, you probably want
to raise a new patch ticket for it. I don't know whether we have a policy on
such renames.
I think you'll need to work on the help; for F_IGDEF, "Ignores the effects of
defense bonus" could be misinterpreted as ignoring _all_ defence bonuses
(e.g., from terrain); you'll need to find a way to marry it up with the
EFT_DEFEND_BONUS and F_BADDEFATTACKER in user-visible terms in the
autogenerated help, or alternatively stop mentioning it at all and rely on
the ruleset-specific help to describe these effects in terms that make sense
for that ruleset. (Neither of the latter two are documented in autogenerated
help currently.)


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