Follow-up Comment #8, bug #16080 (project freeciv):

On trunk, the experimental ruleset also needed fixing.

What about S2_1? We don't have the CityTile effect there (it originally came
from RT#40207 <>, and a
different fix was used on S2_1). Will there ever be another 2.1.x release,
and if so, is this an appropriate thing to fix in it, given how long it's
been the way it is? If so I guess CityTile needs backporting.

>> EFT_DEFEND_BONUS is already pretty tightly tied to implementing
>> city walls or similar city defences 
> Doesn't existence of this bug prove otherwise :-)

:) I mean that it's all tied up with things called IGWALL and BADWALLATTACKER
(apropos of which, there's some documentation changes in kriss' original patch
that I want to rescue). I suppose there's nothing stopping you implementing
something non-wall-like with those flags despite their names.


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