Follow-up Comment #2, bug #16429 (project freeciv):

Don't think it's alliance/pillaging: there's no other unit on the tile in any
of the savegames. The Himyarites, who start out owning the land, are only
allied to the Normans who are nowhere near.

Think it's somehow to do with civil war. In T0370 and T0371 the land and
relevant Engineers unit belong to the Himyarites, but in T0372 they both
belong to a new Arab player; it looks like the result of civil war.

Still not sure why that should make a difference, but it's a clue.
* T0370: Grassland, Road/Irrigation, Engineers working on Mine(1)
* T0371: Forest, Road, Engineers working on nothing
* T0372: Forest, Road, Engineers (now Arab) working on Railroad(1)
Global warming and nuclear winter chance are both 0. Checked with the editor
that it's the same unit on that tile all three times (ID 4105).


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