Follow-up Comment #11, bug #16429 (project freeciv):

> Sorry, but I really think your patch doesn't fix the problem
> on trunk.

If you mean the bug raised by file #10221 it is fixed by the patch (file
#10231), e.g. after applying the patch no error message occurs.

Have a look into techtools.c:player_tech_lost() (line 616). There is a check
for each unit if the current activity is still valid after a tech was lost.
If not, the activity is cancelled and thus no error message by the sanity

> The problem on S2_2 looks only linked with civil war. Maybe
> there is problem or a delay in the transfer of the tech
> between the players?

This would mean, that the tech data of one player is updated to late =>
player_research_update() is not called at the right place. But for an
activity to fail, the player has to lose a tech!


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