I have created a patch to make the client tell the server to move a unit 
to tile (x,y), based on the existing path-finding code in Freeciv.
This is for usage in the Freeciv web client, where the client will tell
the server to move a specified unit to a particular tile (x, y).

The current method works most of the time, but sometimes at random the 
unit suddenly does some other acivity. Often this can be seen as a settler
beggining to mine in the middle of a goto to a different tile.

Here is the current patch:


So what I'm hopeing is that someone spots a bug in the patch, or knows 
some existing code in Freeciv which works and does server-side goto 
perperly. What I want to do is basically to tell the server to make a
unit goto a tile (x,y).

Thanks in advance!

Andreas R.

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