Follow-up Comment #6, bug #16863 (project freeciv):

>> This could be still improved by only using the fastest and
>> slowest unit with comparable capabilities on each tile.

> I am not sure to understand this sentence, but I doubt this is a > good

Say you have a warrior A (1/3 movement points), a warrior B (3/3 movement
points) and a horsemen (6/3 movement points) on a single tile. Then you only
need to compute the goto for the warrior A (to get the maximum number of
turns) and horsemen (minimum number of turns).

Strictly speaking the path for warrior B might differ from those taken by
warrior A and the horsemen so maybe it isn't worth it. Actualy it might be
good for multiple unit gotos to take paths so that the least number of units
are on any one tile at any one time. I.e. if you have 2 path with the same
cost and 2 units have each unit take one path. But that would be a huge
change in client and server. Not part of this bug. Worth a new bug?


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