Follow-up Comment #8, bug #16863 (project freeciv):

If you're caching goto paths to speed up multiple-unit goto, you're
presumably going to have to be careful with dependencies between units. For
instance, where a Diplomat is affects ZoC, so if you calculate a path
assuming the presence of the Diplomat but when the path is actually executed,
the Diplomat has moved somewhere else, then there'll be trouble; similar for
boats. (Or does the pathfinding code ignore other units for these purposes?)

So long as you move "similar" units (those for which you've computed a common
path) together, rather than moving your one Diplomat in the middle of moving
your fifteen identical Alpine Troops and invalidating the calculated path,
the problem will be minimised.

You'll also have to take hitpoints into account for those units where they
affect movement speed, which further reduces the possibility of re-using


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