Follow-up Comment #2, patch #2078 (project freeciv):

I agree that names of leaders and cities should be in native language (wasn't
sure about that earlier). 
It's not strange, that some of them already appear in Cossack and Ruthenian
nationsets, as I tried to include Ukrainian history from the early beginning
(the term "Ukraine" first appears in chronicles in 1187). But, sure, if we
have Ruthenians, some of the rulers should be removed, as in that period term
Ukraine defined just a territory, not a state.

About Cossacks - I think, intersection with this one should be allowed
(marking the nations as conflicting, as well as with Ruthenians), because, on
one hand, it was in period of cossacks, when first actually ukrainian (not
ruthenian) state appeared (1649), and on the other, cossack is not actually a
nation, but, I'd say, a title, like "nobleman" or "peasant" or "jedi". Also,
Cossack ruleset includes currently not only Ukrainian cossacks, but Russian
as well. And Cossack period of Ukrainian history starts in 15th century,
which is late medieval age. But, perhaps Early Modern would be ok?

I saw the latest trunk version, though i used 2.2 branch as a template. I
personally think it's not a good idea to include currently "active"
politicians into the list of rulers.
I'd like to extend the legend too, but had no inspiration for that yesterday
:) Perhaps I'll do it later.

PS There is a duplicate "Turov" city name in Ruthenian ruleset.


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