Follow-up Comment #7, bug #15805 (project freeciv):

> Here's an editor-created savegame I've used for testing, with two cities
with different radii and numbers of build slots.

Yes, with the help of the editor on can create easily such savegames. Another
way is to start an autogame with the experimental ruleset. My default start
script reads:

rulesetdir experimental
set topology        WRAPX|WRAPY
set generator       ISLAND
set size            1
set tinyisles       enabled
set landmass        33
set aifill          5
set foggedborders   enabled
set minplayers      0
set timeout         -1
set migration       enabled
set specials        500
set huts            250
set techlevel       50
set startu          ccccwwwwxxx
set gold            5000

> It loads with trunk but not with S2_3.

This is due to the strick checkig if the savegame is OK for this freeciv
version. See also bug #17271.


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