Follow-up Comment #8, bug #15805 (project freeciv):

Using trunk/r18707 i'm getting intermittent server crashes with the
experimental ruleset that don't happen with the default ruleset.  This is the
GTK client, so i'm not sure if you want me to file a separate bug report or
leave it here.  After clicking "Turn Done" or typing "Shift" + "Enter", i get
either of the following messages at the command line:

1: Lost connection to server: read error.


1: Lost connection to server: server disconnected.

In either case, the client window stays open but goes back to the main menu. 
Since the client doesn't crash, neither GDB nor the "-F" argument have given
me any further info.  Also, invoking the server directly fails with: 

0: "data/default/techs.ruleset": ruleset datafile appears incompatible:
0:   datafile options: +Freeciv-2.3-ruleset
0:   supported options: +1.9

The attached savefile at least reliably and repeatably causes the server
crash.  Take the Thais and end the turn.

(file #11524)

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