On 8 Dec, 2010, at 3:04 PM, Matthias Pfafferodt wrote:

> @Dave
>> 0: "data/default/techs.ruleset": ruleset datafile appears
>> incompatible: 
>> 0: datafile options: +Freeciv-2.3-ruleset 
>> 0: supported options: +1.9 
> You have old ruleset data somethere in the path. Freeciv 2.3.0 has updated
> all ruleset / tileset / ... capabilities.

        Hmm.  I blew away /usr/local/share/freeciv and still had the same 
symptoms.  I've also rm'ed ~/freeciv and am currently rebuilding the new svn 
pull.  If this doesn't work, how can i narrow down where else the server is 
looking for data/default/ ?

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