Follow-up Comment #15, bug #17496 (project freeciv):

>> - fix variable name (GUI_qt_CPPFLAGS => GUI_qt_CXXFLAGS) 
> It should be CPPFLAGS, not CXXFLAGS. I assume proper fix is
> needed elsewhere. 

At the moment one (GUI_qt_CPPFLAGS) is used in qt-client.m4 while the other
(GUI_qt_CXXFLAGS) is used in the makefile and - so I selected the
wrong point to change it ...
>> - add LIBSADD=" -lQtGui" if nothing is set (needed?) 
> That was already the case. You seem to be adding "-IQtGui" to
> CPPFLAGS though when testing if all needed include dirs are set
> already. Doesn't seem like correct behavior for me.

Sorry, I did not test this on separately but it seems to be a good idea to
add this header search path in the 'default' case ...


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