Follow-up Comment #1, bug #17606 (project freeciv):

That's a good idea, I've always liked barbarians :)

The question is what these barbarian players would be. I guess we need
something more specific than "Pirates" and "Barbarians". Following this
convention we might be able to add 1-2 more players something like "Raiders"
maybe, but even this name seems a bit far-fetched. Many historical nations
that would sort of fit this profile can be taken by human players already
(Visigoths, Vikings, etc.) and the one that are not included in the game may
be added later on.

What about some totally fictional, custom, nations with fictional leaders.
like "The Pirate Confederacy" or "The Mountain Barbarians Alliance"? Some more
off-the-wall names are also an option, as long as they are cannot be mistaken
for a "real" nation.


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