Follow-up Comment #4, bug #17606 (project freeciv):

Sending a Pirate spaceship to Alpha Centauri? Sounds fun :D

In such case we would need to thinka about the flags. Barbarian flags should
distinguish various barbarian from each other (Illyrian pirates should have a
different flag from Japanese pirates) and from human players.

If barbarians are to be playable (and i understand they would use current
barbarian/pirate flags), the barbarian flags that we have now won't work - a
player taking barbarians would not be able to distinguish his/her own units
from AI barbarians.

I'm shooting from the hip, so i may miss soething, but a simple solution is
to superimpose the a smaller barbarian flag on the nation's flag (example with
the Illyrian flag attached). In small images and shield this would probably
look like a black dot in the upper left corner, but this should be enough to
identify barbarians. The problem is that it might look ugly for some flags
(including the Ilyrian).

(file #12190)

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