Follow-up Comment #3, bug #17726 (project freeciv):

Well, I'm not sure what the historical basis for units taking production (and
free upkeep) is -- sketchy research on Wikipedia suggests that even ancient
armies consisted in large part of paid professionals -- so I don't think we
can use that.

I'd be tempted to start at the modern Riflemen/Cavalry/Artillery (so
Musketeers/Dragoons/Cannon are the last "free" land units). For ships, start
at Ironclad (Galleon/Frigate are "free").

All military units beyond that (including all air units) has Shield2Gold,
with the notable exception of Partisans (as in current rules -- I think this
is appropriate).

Wrt the current experimental rules, that boils down to moving the Shield2Gold
flag from Musketeers to Riflemen, and adding it to Cavalry.

(file #12512)

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