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Follow-up Comment #8:

I didn't intend to open up the question of why Shield2Gold exists at all...
anyone wishing to understand that could investigate the bugs where it was
added (most discussion is in the old RT); it appeared about the same time as
gold_upkeep_style, I think (perhaps it finds a use in conjunction with that):
* bug #13585  PR#40762
* bug #13580, PR#40619 <http://bugs.freeciv.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=40619>
(this one has some discussion)
* bug #13581, PR#40759
* bug #13582, PR#40760
* bug #13583, PR#40761

Anyway, having a "historical" justification for a feature is one thing, but
if there's a gameplay justification then that probably trumps it (not that
I've thought of one).

For what it's worth, for me, the effect was to cause me to avoid The
Corporation to milk the free per-city production upkeep (under Communism) for
as long as possible; on the other hand, gold upkeep is an advantage in a way
(if your treasury can stand it) as it comes out of an empire-wide treasury
rather than dragging individual cities down.

Anyway, I mainly came here to say that I intend to commit this patch soon.
We've had the underlying feature since S2_2, and the experimental ruleset is
just that, so it may as well be used in a consistent way.

> README.ruleset_experimental: "After The Corporation is 
> researched, the upkeep for most modern military units 
> (Musketeers onwards) is changed from shields to gold"
For the record, as the person who wrote that: I was just documenting the
behaviour I found. (However, this reminds me that I need to tweak it for the
changes in this bug, hence new patch.)

(file #12633)

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