Follow-up Comment #5, bug #17726 (project freeciv):

The last two comments are both persuasive.  However, the fact that two smart
people came up with two [quite different] solutions suggests that we need to
revisit the reason Shield2Gold exists.  I would suggest that the root
motivation is that in the real world, 'modern' units are not supported by
individual cities, but rather by the central government.  In fact, it's rather
common for units now to call their "home" some remote  base that only has a
small village nearby.  I was stationed at such when i was on active duty.  

The other aspect is that more technologically advanced units will necessarily
require exotic supplies that are not easily produced in every factory.  How
many town could really build their own Stealth Fighter?  I'm not sure if we
should change this effect to work by government type or stick with unit type. 
If units are the deciding factor, then i suggest that units supported by
Shields should no longer be effective in a level of technology that
corresponds to our year 1945.


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