Follow-up Comment #1, bug #18163 (project freeciv):

Reproduced, and I believe I've found the cause. It seems specific to the Gtk
client, and to closing the dialog with Esc rather than pressing the Cancel
button (the latter doesn't provoke this problem when I try it -- can you
confirm or deny that it works for you?)

I think there's actually a general problem with input_dialog_create(), in
that 'cancel_callback' isn't called if the dialog is closed with Esc. In this
case, this leaves a unit with the 'asking_city_name' flag set, which
suppresses all further city name requests for units on the same tile. I think
this behaviour probably came in recently, with the fix for bug #14702.

There are other uses of input_dialog_create(); I haven't worked out if the
lack of callback will have any bad effects on them.


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