Follow-up Comment #2, patch #2719 (project freeciv):

Based on my previous discussions with potential modders I have to disagree.
While making everything extremely flexible by using scripting is what
programmer types like you and I desire, need for scripting in simple tasks
should be avoided. No modder wants to learn lua programming language just to
add unit orientation. Some have said quite bluntly that need for scripting is
greatest *shortcoming* of freeciv moddability.

Obviously I'm not targeting to simplicity always myself - I'm making features
that I myself find fun to develop and to use. But there must be some balance
between simplicity and flexibility. I usually prefer simple ruleset fields to
scripting, and I think quite a lot of what you want can be achieved that way
(we could define in ruleset what orientation unit takes when it's fighting,
for instance)

But all that aside, and focusing to just this ticket: Do we agree that
current design can go in for now (meaning 2.4)? (You may hope it to be only
temporary solution, and I plan to build on top of it in the future, but that's
beside the point)


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