Follow-up Comment #4, patch #2719 (project freeciv):

> Based on my previous discussions with potential modders I have 
> to disagree. While making everything extremely flexible by 
> using scripting is what programmer types like you and I 
> desire, need for scripting in simple tasks should be avoided.
Oh, definitely. Having to learn someone's scripting interface to do stuff,
rather than providing simple data, tends to put me off hacking. Less is more,
make the common stuff easy and the rest possible, and that. (Although I may
have temporarily forgotten that ;).

So, arguments from both efficiency and moddability say that we should plan to
implement all the obvious cases (movement, fighting, activities) in the core
game engine rather than deferring them to scripting (at whatever rate we like
-- I think it's fine to start off with just movement).

Scripting (which is a lot of work devs right not have time for, and modders
mightn't demand) is reserved for cases too complicated to handle via simple
fields, and stuff we haven't thought of, for those modders who are really keen
to add polish.

> But all that aside, and focusing to just this ticket: Do we 
> agree that current design can go in for now (meaning 2.4)?
I think it's fine as it is. Simple and to the point.

[Due diligence: the sprite naming is extensible to arbitrary string tags (not
that it would be the end of the world to change the tileset format); and I
think I've convinced myself that those string tags wouldn't go over the
network in the ideal design, so it's fine for enumerated orientations to be in
the network packet (again, we could change it if we had to).]


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