Follow-up Comment #3, patch #2719 (project freeciv):

Please reread the second sentence of jtn's post.  His initial suggestion
seems to be to provide different sprites for different activities [i.e.,
Fortify vs. Sentry], and then he optimistically expands from that to more
complicated options.  Activity based sprites can be done similarly to
orientation based sprites.  The complicated stuff will probably require
complicated ways to achieve.  Though related, i see this as two separate tasks
that could each go into a separate ticket.  Since we don't currently have such
tickets, i'll comment here.

1) Activity based sprites seem like a highly desirable feature.  Civ III
actually had a separate animation of each unit doing each activity.  Perhaps
we don't need to go that far, but it would be nice to [for instance] have a
picture of a Worker with a pick instead of a Worker with the letter M over his

2) The complicated stuff is more of a want-to-have than a need-to-have.  The
sprite to be displayed will be chosen based not just on unit information, but
also upon exterior information [enemy location, direction to nearest coast,
etc.]  Doing this right will require lots of hooks to provide different kinds
of info.  It could potentially be overwhelming, and based on that we should
think hard before committing to go this way.

* No matter which way we go with this, more sprites means more art.  Do we
have enough artist time do all this?  The effect is mostly lost as long as we
have missing sprites for any given tileset.  I ask as we don't yet have all
the images of, for instance, the Hospital.  Also, are we ready for complaints
about ballooning file sizes?

* My thoughts on scripting: A modder shouldn't *need* scripting to make a
basic modpack.  That said, a modder who wants to make a really fancy modpack
should be allowed to use all the optional features, scripting included.  By
way of comparison, Battle For Wesnoth uses two scripting languages: lua for AI
control, and Wesnoth Markup Language for scenario/campaign creation.  A basic
campaign can be knocked together over the weekend, but some stunningly rich
campaigns have been created by the ones who dug deep into the language. 
Scripting allows creative users to come up with stuff that developers haven't
even considered possible.  BTW, BFW does also have a separate forum for WML as
well a good section of their wiki.  Still, it seems like this area does not
need an undue amount of support.

* Finally, i agree that the orientation patches should go forward regardless
of what is decided about activity based and script based sprites.


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