On 15 Aug, 2011, at 2:21 AM, patrick kelle wrote:

> has there been done any more work on the qt client?
> I might help David a bit if help is needed.

        I regret to say i haven't made any progress on it.  Right now my 
trusty/rusty PowerBook won't even boot into Debian, so i won't be able to do 
any work on the client until i get that straightened out.  As well, tomorrow i 
start Multi-Variable Calculus and i expect that'll keep me plenty busy until 
the end of the year.  So yeah, anything you do here will be a blessing.  FWIW, 
here was where we left off:

>> On 7 Jun, 2011, at 9:32 AM, Marko Lindqvist wrote:

> By the time I had to stop Qt-client development due to time
> restrictions, I had also encountered design problem in fitting client
> common code and Qt models of graphics canvas together. This probably
> needs to be resolved before any other work on Qt-client makes sense.
> Client common code just overdraws old sprites with new ones, possibly
> even with completely black ones, when screen needs update. In fact it
> doesn't even remember exact sprites it has previously drawn.
> Qt-classes I looked at the time worked on the idea that they store
> graphical items to be shown. While you can place such items on top of
> each other (overdraw), old ones would still need to be removed to free
> memory and not to use processing time when refreshing screen.
> I'd start this task by investigating if there's some other way in Qt
> to implement canvas than one requiring explicit removal of items, as
> it would require bug changes to client common code to handle the
> removal.
> I did implement canvas that has this memory usage problem. So if you
> want to see what Qt-client looks like with it, you can test it. But
> usable for longer use it is not as client gets slower with every
> screen refresh (more items to handle). See patch #2443.

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