Follow-up Comment #14, patch #2513 (project freeciv):

> > so you say the order should be: 
> > 
> > 1. moving code 
> > 2. rename files 
> > 3. cleanup / changes 
> Yes, as long as it's understood that 2 contains minimum changes
> to Makefile.ams and so that the commit does not
> break anything. 

Preparation is include in patch #2291 and patch #2292. After that the files
should be moved and the patch attached to this comment be applied. As this
patch includes libscriptcore directly for server and manual, a cleanup patch
is needed (patch #2293). It only changes Makefiles such that libscriptcore is
included in libfreeciv.

> You should not create new ticket about 1.

I did create new tickets to list the changes as separate patches.

(file #13899)

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