Follow-up Comment #32, bug #18835 (project freeciv):

updated version (includes patches from comment #31):

[gtk2] redo layout of the diplomacy dialog (vertical)

see gna bug #18835 (part 3)

changes 20111029:

- put content of the diplomatic tab into a scroll window else the height of
the window will increase to much for a high number of contacts
- fix buttons; move them directly below the dialog entries (not at the end of
the widget)

changes 20111105:
- increase size of gold input dialog
- fix comments
- add buttons in the main notebook for meetings
- raise also the main meetings dialog

changes 20111106:
- fix short keys in diplotic dialog; idea by Jacob Nevins <jtn>
- fix response (usage of ESC from meetings tab or main tab)
- make label list scrollable
- remove extra box - not needed as labels can be scrolled
- sort labels (nations) alphabetically

order of patches:
- part 1: file #14294
- part 2: file #14295
- part 3: new file (from this comment)

one should also apply fix for bug #18880


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