Follow-up Comment #36, bug #18835 (project freeciv):

I've tested the latest patches on trunk r20527. Results:
* Closing individual meeting tab with ESC trouble (comment #26) is fixed
* Detaching individual meeting tab trouble (comment #30) is fixed
* Detaching overall "Diplomacy [N]" tab from main notebook (comment #25)
still has same trouble as before, I'm afraid, including the segfault.
* New bug (may have existed in previous patch): clicking the "x" button on
the overall "Diplomacy [N]" tab has no effect.

About comment #25: from your comment #31, I think perhaps I didn't explain
the steps to reproduce clearly enough. They are:
* Meet with nation A (via Nations > Diplomacy > Meet), bringing up a
"Diplomacy [1]" tab containing a "A" sub-tab.
* Detach the "Diplomacy [1]" tab from the main notebook by double-clicking on
the "Diplomacy [1]" label. This gives a separate window with a "Cancel all
meetings" button (like file #14446, only with a slightly different layout, of
* Close this new window with the window manager's "X" button. There is now no
"Diplomacy [1]" window or tab, and no "A" window or tab.
* Try again to meet with nation A: nothing happens.
* Try to meet with nation B: segfault.


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