Follow-up Comment #29, bug #18835 (project freeciv):

> Er, and I meant to say, it looks fine to me in all those
> layouts.
Thanks for testing this! About the bugs:

> If I detach the "Diplomacy [N]" tab as a separate window and
> then close it: 
> Unlike other tabs, it doesn't go back into the notebook. (This
> may be deliberate.) 
It is not. The reason could be that I added another dialog arround it (the
new notebook).

> It's no longer possible to meet with a partner with whom a
> meeting was in progress -- selecting "Meet" does nothing
> obvious. 
After detaching the meetings dialog? It seems to be that the dialog is not
correctly destroyed after using ESC. This would explain this behaviour

> Trying to Meet someone who I wasn't already meeting with
> causes a segfault (gui_dialog_set_title (dlg=0x0, "Diplomacy
> [7]") -- in this case there were 6 meetings open before, so
> despite the notebook disappearing, it still thinks they're
> open in some sense). 
> I suspect the "Diplomacy [N]" dialog is getting "lost". 
I agree and will check there it is ...

> The other, more minor issue is keyboard shortcuts
I did not checked these as I do not use them. I think I will follow your


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