Follow-up Comment #2, patch #3024 (project freeciv):

> This would probably be a good time for somebody to come up with
> an objective set of standards such that any rulesets that get
> official inclusion work as expected. Beyond meeting these formal
> standards, i don't think we should reject any submission on [for
> example] esthetic grounds.

Anything we include to freeciv svn, should be kept up to date with code
changes. Modpack maintenance responsibility is then at freeciv maintainer team
(which of course welcomes any patches, but if nobody else submits patches...)
This means we can have only a few (preferably best ones) modpacks included in
freeciv proper.
We now have second tier of modpacks, those that freeciv maintainers have
added to list of modpacks freeciv-modpack utility automatically shows. Those
are still maintained by third party authors, but they are sort of recommended
Then there are those modpacks that we make available for download, or at
least list in our wiki.
Fourth tier are modpacks that are not part of any systematic list, but you
find by luck.
Lastly there are modpacks that are not published at all since their author
was thinking private use only, but which you can get by asking.


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