> > > Why can't i dofile() in freeciv?
> > 
> > The usage of such commands is restricted due to security implications.
> > You can not load a lua file! Only default.lua and script.lua are read.
> > Or you have to use the command 'lua file <...>' (I think it is named
> > luafile in S2_3).
> In S2_3 there is only lua that executes a line of lua code. There is no
> functionality to load a file, I'll try to backport it to my repo
> tomorrow.
> Frankly, I dont understand how that helps with security. If you are the
> administrator you can do anything anyway, so why restrict yourself?
> Could you please provide a scenario when dofile can lead to something
> nasty?

This restriction is a long time thing for freeciv. This prevents bad script 
from doing nasty things, or do you check all scripts you run (new rulesets, 
etc)? Also, not everybody who runs a server is an admin and knows what can 
happen if there is something hidden in a script file.

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