On 15 November 2011 22:48, Matthias Pfafferodt
<matthias.pfaffer...@mapfa.de> wrote:
> If you plan to continue to support S2_3, I think it would be easier to rebase
> all longturn patches to S2_4 and do one patch which changes the network
> protocol to be compatible to S2_3.


> I attached a file with the diff between S2_3 and S2_4 for packets.def. Most of
> the work to be done is to remove S2_4 features. The hardest part is the
> transmission of the veteran ruleset definitions (IMHO).

 Please note that there's more to network compatibility than
packets.def changes.  While it lists all the packet fields there is in
the network protocol, legal ranges of those values can change outside
it, and even meaning of any single value (for example when value is
removed from the middle of enum) can change.

 - ML

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