Follow-up Comment #25, bug #16429 (project freeciv):

Not sure if this patch could explain my original symptom (comment #0).

The unit involved (Engineers id=4105) definitely changed hands with its city
(Muza id=501), from the Himyarites to a new Arab player (who I'm assuming is
the result of a civil war), at around the time the message was emitted.

But both nations know Railroad (and known techs will always be the same for a
civil war, I think). So unless this is some transitory state where the unit is
checked while it has *no* owner (so knowledge of Railroad can't be looked

I agree with separating out one ticket per fix, given that this bug is so

There were suggestions that tech loss could be implicated, but we have plenty
of occurrences where that can't be the case. There was one tech loss fix in
bug #16767, but there was another in comment #21 that hasn't obviously been
laid to rest yet.


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