Follow-up Comment #2, bug #15743 (project freeciv):

Forgot another level of indirection, namely seeking special value from
base.order[value in savegame]. Since S_LAST is not part of order saved to
savegame, this actually looks from the position after last real index of
special.order[]. Depends on number of bspecial types whether this is illegal
access or not (since number of special.order entries is always divisible by 4
it has 0 to 3 S_LAST entries after last real one.) With all affected freeciv
versions there is such S_LAST (as in freeciv binary currently running) entry
after last real special entry.
So, end result is that value saved as S_LAST of freeciv version that did the
save will be restored as S_LAST of freeciv version doing the load.


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