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> Follow-up Comment #3, bug #19711 (project freeciv):
> client and server files are attached.
> note that these files are hand-edited and kept under mercurial, so I find it
> unfortunate that freeciv insists on rewriting the client config file,
> reordering options and reformatting wordlists.

        Yeah, the config files meant to be writable by freeciv and not anybody 
else.  Since you know that freeciv is going to keep writing to those files, 
you'd probably be better off adding them to the ignore file.

> settings in the server file are ignored (e.g., all units are on the same tile
> despite "set dispersion 3" even though I selected "ruleset version" "sea" and
> the console said
> "sds: 'set dispersion 3'
> Console: 'dispersion' has been set to 3.")
> I am confused about the meaning of "iso".
> I want the view window borders to be parallel to E/W/N/S and not diagonal. how
> do I ensure that I __never__ see the diagonal window?
> at this time, I see
> 1. diagonal view window
> 2. hex-shaped tiles
> 3. from each tile I can go in 1 move to 8 different neighboring tiles (all 8
> num.pad. keys move to a different tile).
> thanks.

        Isometric topology exists to do exactly what you want to do, namely 
have a view window whose edges are parallel to the edges of the main map.  You 
just have to make sure that the server and client match, i.e. a server using an 
isometric map works best with a client drawing an iso tileset.  Otherwise you 
will get confusion such as you see now with the eight neighboring tiles.  If 
you want isometric hexes then your server topology needs to be set to options 
12 - 15 and your client would use the "isophex" tileset, as that is the only 
standard issue tileset to match those map characteristics.  Check out these: 
http://freeciv.wikia.com/wiki/Server_options and 
http://freeciv.wikia.com/wiki/FAQ#How_do_I_play_on_a_hexagonal_grid.3F .  FWIW, 
though, most players get used to the diagonal viewport, which is why there are 
so many more tilesets available for "classic" map drawing compared to isometric 

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