Follow-up Comment #2, task #7599 (project freeciv):

Oh, rats.

Bit of digging: there is hope for official Windows binaries, but they're not
available yet and work doesn't look overly fast.

2011-03: Tor (tml) says he's not maintaining it any more
(source: SO
2011-05: OpenSUSE Build System binaries 
as an alternative
2011-11: A new maintainer?, Alexander Larsson, reports
<> Gtk2 binary
releases have resumed, and talks about work in progress towards Gtk3
2012-03: Alex reports
<> more work on
Gtk3; "We hope to have window binaries out for [Gtk+ 3.4.0] soon"
2012-04: Alex says "dieterv is working on the binaries. Not sure when they
will be finished..."
2012-06: Alex says "I know dieter is working on an official win32 binary
release, but I don’t know the status of it."

So I guess we can either:
* wait patiently for the official Gtk3 binaries; or
* try to use the OpenSUSE binaries; or
* ship the Gtk2 client


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