Follow-up Comment #3, patch #3325 (project freeciv):

> fc_assert(!gtype_has_flag(g, F_LAST - 1));

F_LAST (last unit type flag) seems like copypaste error here...

>      if (F_LAST == ival) {

...and here.

> for(j=0; j<nval; j++) {

Spaces: for (j = 0; j < nval; j++) {

>        log_error(""%s" government "%s": bad flag name "%s".",
>                  filename, gtype_rule_name(g),  sval);

This would never happen for end-user if ruleset developer had found out about
it and fixed it -> it wouldn't hurt end-user to make this ruleset_error() but
it would make it absolutely certain that ruleset author notices his/her typo
at once (even if we let it pass, ruleset lacking that government flag doesn't
work correctly)


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