Follow-up Comment #4, patch #3325 (project freeciv):

Thanks for the pickup. I've fixed it all (all enums related to gov flag now
start with G_). I've taken gorbs advice and been running make clean / make
every time I save a file, so now I am compiling with no warnings/errors w/
regard to:

I've mostly got government.h done. Just need to make sure my prototyping
matches and mostly I just need to finish filling out functions in

The only real problem I am having is that I REALLY want to add government
flags as an optional requirement for units. I have everything done in that
respect except lookup_government_flag. I know it has to work differently from
lookup_government as instead of counting through sections, I have to look for
the section government_flags.names, count through it and match to
unit_type.govflag_req. I am sure I can do it with a bit more time but it is
giving me a headache.

On the whole though, I am pretty confident I'll get it working within the next
few days, and that makes me happy.

Food for thought; with this implemented, should 'Default' and 'NoGov' be
turned into flags to match with how it is done with units? Furthermore, it
seems that 'Fanatics' could be done by the ruleset maker, meaning it can be
removed from the code...

Ah well, back to it!


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