Follow-up Comment #1, bug #19846 (project freeciv):

There's quite a bit more:
- the original problem: AFAICT, it comes down to cursor-changed callback
getting run *after* row-activated callback, so that usdlg_get(FALSE) returns
NULL, as the dialog has already been destroyed
- the second part: "Select" button of this dialog seems to work only while in
first tab (I suspect other buttons to be affected too, though row-activated
callback works regardless of the tab)

Assertions don't seem to happen in gtk2 client (even if the buttons still fail
in the same way) - it seems that either it's a minor problem in gtk3 or
treeview is simply less strict there (i.e. I've noticed (IIRC in a different
project) that treeselection returned by a treeview seems to be initially NULL
in gtk3, while I haven't seen checks for such case in gtk2-based code).


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