Follow-up Comment #2, bug #19846 (project freeciv):

OK, partially wrong call in the second case - I was testing a different thing
than I though I was.

It seems to only affect "Select" button.
For whatever the reason, unit_focus_update() called after USDLG_CMD_SELECT
makes it not work properly.

On that note: it would likely make sense to turn the first tab of the dialog
to a "pastebin" - that is to allow to select more than one unit in the dialog
and put the selection into this first tab as it gets build.
Also, it would be nice if selecting a unit from that dialog wouldn't select
units from the same field. As a corollary, perhaps "center" action (one called
on map by "c") could cycle through the list of selected units (instead of just
focusing on the first unit of the list) ?


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