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Follow-up Comment #3:

I went through the style. I have not yet checked the patch otherwise. There
was quite a bit to fix, even if I took relaxed attitude on some details. Some
of these things are badly worded in CodigStyle; I'll try to update it a bit
after this experience.

- From freeciv perspective Qt headers are system headers, so they are included
before any freeciv headers
- Quite a many places you had forgotten {} around single line if, else, for,
while, etc blocks. Even complex "for() if singlecommand; else singlecommand;"
was found
- "*" in front of each comment line in multiline comments does not apply to
function headers
- There's no space between function name and "(". I think your "_ ("
constructs even break gettext string collection mechanism, so it's a real bug

The only functional change I did was addition of translating of most of the
new strings - for some that need code restructuring to work properly I just
added FIXME comment.

(file #16032)

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