Follow-up Comment #3, bug #20062 (project freeciv):

I catched a savegame, played with civ2civ3 rules over v2.4 beta1, where
English nation loses buildings/units due to low funds, and the AI keeps taxes
to 60% science and 40% gold.
aihand.c code seems designed so AI sets the taxes to 90% gold in this case
(under Democracy max tax rates are 90% with this rules).

Saddly, the AI keeps the same wrong behavior when I apply my patch, and it is
the same no matter if I enable or dissable the tech upkeep (my "fix" does

To reproduce the "bug":
1- Freeciv 2.4 beta1 + modpack civ2civ3
2- load savegame, start game with English, switch to AI control (normal
difficulty), and then "/set timeout 10" (or -1).
3- The AI loses buildings/units during 2 more turns, and it keeps taxes to 60%
Note I saved the game after several turns watching the AI losing money while
keeping the taxes to 60% science.

I see this behavior often with civ2civ3 rules where it is harder to earn
trade/gold, but I don't know if the same happens with default rules.

(file #16390)

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