Follow-up Comment #4, bug #20062 (project freeciv):

I finally catched a savegame with default rules where the AI loses a building
due to low funds, while keeping the taxes to 70% science.

To recreate:
1- beta1 v2.4 with default rules, load savegame and start (Apaches)
3- /aitoggle
4- /set timeout 10
The next turn the AI will lose a granary due to negative gold balance.

I was watching this game in AI mode, and several turns before this one the AI
starts to lose money and it keeps the taxes to 70% (max under monarchy)
instead of switching to 70% gold, as the aihand.c file is supposed to be

I really believe this is currently the most important issue related to AI
behavior that I have seen in these years playing freeciv. I hope this savegame
helps to find the problem, I don't know what else I can do, at least until I
can compile the code with debug enabled.

I still think my patch "FixAITaxRates2.diff" (forget the one in my first post)
should improve this behavior, even if it does not seem to fix it completely.

(file #16397)

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