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Follow-up Comment #7:

Finishing this off:

Attached patches for S2_3 and S2_4 that add a NEWS-2.3/2.4 file respectively
to each branch.
S2_3:NEWS-2.3 includes news from 2.3.0-beta2 up to 2.3.2 (I will add 2.3.3
news later, as part of release process).
S2_4:NEWS-2.4 is a placeholder (will add 2.4.0-beta2 news when available).

Trunk is left alone; the idea is that this file is created on a S2_x branch
after it diverges from trunk, probably in fact after the first beta (since it
will have no content in the first beta).

Still to do: update checklists at http://freeciv.wikia.com/wiki/Release to
reflect the need to create/update these.

For avoidance of doubt: a given branch contains only one NEWS-2.x file; for
minor NEWS from previous major releases you'll have to go to previous tarballs
or version control (or ChangeLog).

> About NEWS of minor version never making it to TRUNK: What 
> about your policy of making 2.b.0 NEWS relative to 2.a.x, 
> not 2.a.0? What happens to NEWS between 2.a.0 and 2.a.x? 
It's true that from the latest tarball you won't be able to trace fine-grained
history back indefinitely.

There will now be three threads of news in the tarballs:
* NEWS which only tracks major changes and is good for following the broad
evolution of Freeciv; good for people upgrading between major versions who
don't want to drown in detail. To a first approximation, the description of
2.b.0 in NEWS is relative to *any* 2.a.x, because changes major enough to be
worth mentioning in NEWS are unlikely to happen in a 2.a.x minor release.
** (If we did make such a major change, we could promote it to the NEWS file,
in theory.)
* NEWS-2.x which accounts for *every* change between minor releases, but only
goes back to the start of the major branch. This is good for people upgrading
within a major version to see what's changed.
** (We could keep all previous NEWS-2.x around, but keeping them in sync
across branches would be complex and error-prone, and I'm already complicating
release management enough.)
* ChangeLog, which tracks every code change, but does not provide the context,
rationale, and synthesis that NEWS-2.x does.

This setup does not answer all possible questions; serious archaeologists will
have to go back to old releases, either via tarballs or via version control
(as they would to find the associated code).

> (On a related note, have you thought about someone using 2.a.2 
> upgrading to 2.b.1 when 2.b.0 NEWS is relative to 2.a.3 and 
> since then also 2.a.4 has been released)
I think the benefit from trying to answer this question is not worth the
complication that it would introduce to a textual NEWS format. As above, NEWS
is coarse-grained enough that it shouldn't really matter.

(In general, what is different between 2.a.2 and 2.b.1 is a hard question to
answer at a higher level than diff'ing the code; its tractability depends
mainly on our (developers') sanity in backporting changes and not making a fix
for the same bug gratuitously different on different branches. The NEWS
structure follows the "grain" in this respect.)

(file #16816, file #16817)

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