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> This would weaken some of the existing concepts - sometimes
> "happiness" rules even seem like "culture" rules under different name.

        I think this is fine, at least until something better comes along.

> Capturing cities with superior cultural influence
> is the obvious solution, which many other games have also implemented,
> but that wouldn't work well with our existing migration concept.

        Personally i find migration of population units to be an interesting 
idea, but unsatisfactory in execution.  It tends to force 'large pox' to an 
extreme; before a city has been built up enough to attract foreigners it begins 
to cannibalize neighboring friendly cities.  By the time it can bring people 
across the border it faces a challenge in feeding so many mouths.  I can go 
ahead and build the Supermarket, but what then?  After the enemy city has 
disbanded it leaves a ruin on the border; founding a new city there is of 
course useless.  If i had annexed the enemy city instead it would help to push 
my border further out...

> People are already moving to better place. Again, culture could
> contribute to migration score, but it cannot replace it.
> But there's one very simple solution. Let's not make culture to give
> unrealistic bonuses to be used in a way to victory, but to be the
> victory condition itself. Let's simply add optional victory condition
> for cultural domination, and everyone has to build their culture at
> least to prevent others from winning.

        I agree with that.

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