Marko Lindqvist writes:
> Yes, I think migration has fundamental design flaw in that there's
> simply no way for new/small cities to defend themselves against it, so
> it's impossible to found new cities near already well established
> cities.

It's not completely impossible. I've had some success with making a pile
of settlers and founding a size-7 or so city in a single turn near a
black hole megacity. However, sometimes even that isn't sufficient, and
the lack of infrastructure can be a problem (and doesn't help with the
migration score); it helps to also have a massive pile of money to buy a
building a turn to make the city viable / desirable.

So, it does certainly take considerable organisation and economic
surplus. Not arguing it couldn't be improved...

I wonder if there should be a minimum city size for outward migration in
some circumstances. Say, a city of size 2 is immune to international
migration, so foreign cities aren't completely disbanded -- there's a
core of people who'll never drift across the border. Or some way a
player can invest in a city (say buildings) so that citizens below a
certain city size won't migrate.
I don't think that should be universal; I kind of like how megacities
swallow up their smaller neighbours in the same nation, like London
swallowing up all the little towns around it -- especially when the
citymap gets bigger with the population, as in the current experimental
ruleset. Everything gets centralised in fewer cities, and that has
advantages and disadvantages. Having lots of little rump size-2 cities
would just be annoying.

Back to culture: we've got the "nationality" feature that doesn't do a
lot at the moment. I found this idea somewhat reminiscent of CivIV

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