Follow-up Comment #1, patch #3692 (project freeciv):

Simply reducing SHIELD_WEIGHTING to get correcte relative weight to FOOD and
TRADE means that average tile improvement value goes down. This in turn means
that default AI does not value Workers/Settlers as much as before -> doesn't
build, doesn't research tech enabling them.

So, my next attempt
FOOD:      19 -> 21
SHIELD:    17 -> 15
TRADE:     13 -> 14
POLLUTION: 12 -> 13

AI buglet noticed:
- As value of the improver unit is taken from single tile, and further
possible actions ignored, settler consuming one food is considered zero value
when it could only improve tiles to produce +1 food (no matter how many)

Autosettler buglet:
- It prefers to have at least one of each of food/shield/trade in every tile.
Comment says this is to take advantage of _INC effects. Comment is wrong in
that _INC effects are already included in the calculation (+1 food with _INC
effect is +2 food).


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