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> Update of bug #19943 (project freeciv):
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Obvious consequences:
- you validate the increase length of opcode message
  from 8 bits to 16 bits.
  # why not used sub-opcode if more opcodes are needed
    that is, some opcode may requires decoding of next
    byte to have access to more opcode commands
- my position is that message length is the most
  and by far bottle neck(read need top notch
  # that is, played on internet(compare to local lan)
  the problem is not players with fast hardwares
  but players with slow modem/and big latency
  and not able to know what ISP is doing,
  like swapping IP address.
- the developper having done that basic increase is
  telling us that he is even not bothering to test
  it carefully and documenting why.
- do you intend to fix warciv to allow nice
  sharing of application capabilities.
- can you gives actual number of used opcodes from
  the available 256(8 bits) ?

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