It's a bit over month until planned S2_5 branching date of 02-May.
This time we are not going to cut down all feature development in
stable branch as soon as it's created. New 2.5 features will still be
added in S2_5. Reason for braching is just to cut down more random
features from getting in, with the unavoidable bugs accompanying early
versions of almost all new features. There's also some more intrusive
patch series targeted to 2.6 better not to start before S2_5 has been
safely branched.

As time goes by, we get more and more stringent what we accept to
stable branch. If you want some completely random (as in: not related
to any other 2.5 development) feature to 2.5, you're better to submit
patch already well before branching to have a chance of success.

 - ML

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